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SimplyCube free NanoConcept demonstrations – final Part

May 5, 2010

Here it is! The final NanoConcept demonstration is online.

This suite of five demonstrations is designed to show you how to use the SimplyCube engine by creating a mini serious game. The goal of the game is to destroy viruses with a Nano robot in a blood vessel while avoiding red cells and lymphocytes.

In the two first demonstrations, we created the different objects needed for our mini game. The first one show you how to create graphic objects with physic properties and the second one started the game play by adding weapons, graphic effects and particles to the objects.

The third and fourth demonstrations added the environment (the blood vessel). Graphic options and post processing effects were added too to bestow the visual looking of the game. We also created a pursuit camera which follows the Nano robot. We set up an “in game” menu which allow us to change graphic options and the Nano robot controls. The “Head up Display” (HUD) was almost done with a speedometer and an arrow which shows the closest target.

In this final demo, we will create the game by adding some features at what we have done in the previous demonstrations. We will create a wind effect in the blood vessel in order to transport red cells through it, and we will add sounds to make the game more immersive. Then, we will generate all the viruses and red cells (hundreds). The final step will be the implementation of the game mechanics: paralyzing and destroying objects, time limit and, of course, scoring system.

Hurry up! You have five minutes to destroy as many viruses as you can!

I also invite you to visit the SimplySim forum, where you can make some feedbacks and ask questions about these demonstrations, or just share your best score with the other SimplyCube beta users!