SimplyCube free NanoConcept demonstrations – Part 4


Hello everyone, the fourth demo is released!

NanoConcept Demo is a suite of five demonstrations which designed to show you how to use the SimplyCube engine by creating a mini serious game. The goal of the game is to destroy viruses with a Nano robot in a blood vessel while avoiding red cells and lymphocytes.

In the two first demonstrations, we created the different objects needed for our mini game. The first one show you how to create graphic objects with physic properties and the second one started the game play by adding weapons, graphic effects and particles to the objects.

The third demonstration added the environment (the blood vessel). Graphic options and post processing effects were added too to bestow the visual looking of the game. We also created a pursuit camera which follows the Nano robot.

In this one, we will create an “in game” menu. We will be able to set up graphic options and control’s key binds through it. We will also start the “Head up Display” (HUD) of the game by adding a speedometer and an arrow which will show you the closest target.

Remember that you can post at any time feedbacks or questions on the SimplySim forum!

Last demonstration to come next week! It will be the final step and will add game mechanics, a wind map, and much more!


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