SimplyCube new free demo: NanoConcept


Hello everyone, as Bertrand announced a few weeks ago, I have joined the SimplySim team at the beginning of March 2010 and since then I’ve been experiencing with the SimplyCube to create content for the community. Today is an exciting day for me as we release the first results of my work. This is the first part of series of 5 small demos and each one will introduce a new aspect of what you can do with the SimplyCube. At the end of the fifth demo, you will have a complete 3D serious game. Ok, now let me explain you the concept of the application we’ll be creating in this demo:


The concept

The idea is to create a video game where a small robot navigates through a blood vessel. The game is simple: the robot must avoid healthy cells (red cells, lymphocytes) and destroy viruses. This little game could then easily be transformed into an educational serious game.

You will learn throughout this series of demonstrations how to create your objects, add effects on it, set up the environment and add the game mechanics that will make, by the end, a very cool serious game from these demonstrations. The goal of this series of demo is to complete the tutorials already available in the beta, and better explain how the technology can be used to create a complete 3D application.

Getting started

Ok, now you probably want to download the package and start working on this project. Let me explain what you need to get started:

  • First, if it’s not already done, register for the beta of the SimplyCube
  • You’ll receive a link by email, that will enable you to download the beta.
  • Be sure to install all the required software listed in the “system requirements” (we know that the installation process is long and boring, sorry for that but for this first version of the SimplyCube we couldn’t include everything in a single installer, in part for legal reasons).
  • Once you’ve installed everything, you can download the first “Nano Concept demo” here.

In today’s demo you’ll learn how to create a new scene, how to create simple objects like viruses, lymphocytes or red cells. You will also learn how to create a complex object such as the NanoBot and understand how it moves.

We’ll try to release a new demo each week, so stay tuned! You can also follow me on my twitter where I try to give regular updates on my work.


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